Franklin Bluetooth Speaker BT 333

Franklin Bluetooth Speaker BT 333
USB cable
Plug for PCs
Franklin Bluetooth Spekaer is an inexpensive investment that offers many
convenient features for (not only) your smartphone.
The unit has a nice outer shape, is easy to use and makes no problems
concerning the synchronisation with the smartphone (the speaker has
been tested in conjunction with the Galaxy S4). The buttons are hidden
after the first unpacking, but can be customized by simply pressing on
the surface of the speaker (and hide it again after usage). Then all
ports, volume controls and the blue bluetooth indicator light are made
The speaker is primarily used as a speakerphone, which is probably its
main function. The microphone is loud enough, the other person has no
problems clearly perceiveing the user. The audio output is even more
voluminous, the caller is always loud and clear, there are also no
distortions in the higher range of volume. Of course, the device is
suitable also for the use of Skype and other Internet telephony and can
be easily used with your PC, tablet or laptop. The included plug
enables the user to connect the speakers also wired to the terminal
device, which suppresses the slight but insignificant noise radio
devices are sometimes emerging.
The BT333 is also recommended for playing, for example, music or
Internet videos. The speaker has a pretty good sound considering his
price and format, although of course is is not to be compared with real
desktop speakers or good headsets (but probably no one is expecting
that anyway).
The charging of the speaker as usual via a USB connection to a PC, or
even on the local stock can (which makes the acquisition of an adapter
Conclusion: The BT333 does the price-performance ratio, the speaker is
meeting the expectations and complements the possibilities of tele
communication and consumer electronics in the simplest way.